How It Works
OMG Fizzy Ring Surprise offers custom rings that are revealed at a live Facebook ring bomb party. Rings cost $19.95 and have a suggested retail value between $25-$500!!

You get to pick the size that you want and then everything else is a surprise! The setting, stones, and the ring value are all a surprise! You order your ring on the OMG Fizzy Ring Surprise website. Then you return to the live Facebook party to have your ring revealed!

When you purchase a ring, you also get an entry into the month’s end prize drawing. One entry for every ring you buy. (enter examples of prizes). How super exciting is that? Beautiful rings and a chance at a spectacular prize!

Thank you so much for visiting OMG Fizzy Ring Surprise! Our company is both exciting and ______. We are all about having fun and exciting Facebook parties with friends and creating new friends while we are at it. You will want to find yourself a Party Representative and experience this new Facebook craz. All over the country, we are revealing stunning rings hidden within our Fizzy Ring Surprise products. Hurry and get your ring ordered for the next Facebook party! What will you reveal?

OMG Fizzy Ring Surprise is proud of the quality products and a tremendous opportunity that we provide!


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